Volume Control

VolumeControl is a audio mixer for GNU/Linux. It requires OSS or ALSA with OSS /dev/mixer compatibility (for now) from the Linux kernel. The GTK interface provides ease of use in adjusting volume levels.

please visit volume control project page at sourceforge.net to download.

NEWS: volumecontrol can now be used in scripts!

Command line arguments were added to control the audio level from the command line. If an argument is given on the command line, the gui will not open. The commands are as follows: load, save, pcm, cd, mic, line, speaker, list, mute. A number can also be used as an argument. For example: "volumecontrol 10" sets the master volume to 10. The list command outputs to stdio the current levels. The load command loads levels from the .mixrc file. The save command saves the current levels to the .mixrc file. The mute command sets all output levels to 0. The speaker, line, mic, pcm, cd commands should be followed by a number, for example, use "volumecontrol pcm 40" to set the pcm level to 40.

Features to be added before version 1.0:
* add full ALSA support
* add volume themes
* additional testing
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